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9 Things I do Before 9 AM

My daily morning routine sets me up for success. On the days when I am most successful, I wake up at 5:00 AM to start my day. I do these nine things in this order to jump start my day and ensure that I have a successful and productive day.


I take time in the morning to thank God for allowing me to enjoy another wonderful day in His presence. I also take this time to address any prayer requests I may have as well as anything that has been weighing on my heart lately. I believe that this is the most important part of my morning routine because I bring my day to God first. I give everything to Him and I place the circumstances and trials that may come my way that day in His hands before I even come into contact with them.

Bible Study

Another important part of my morning routine is my daily Bible Study. I go about this in a couple of different ways. Some mornings during my prayer time I simply ask God to show me what I need to learn today. Then I just turn to a page in my Bible and start there. Other days, I use a tool that I found back in 2016 that is intended to help you read through the Bible in a year, but I use it to choose what to study that day. For instance, lately I have been picking out of either Romans or Psalms because that's where that guide is at for August right now. I then use J. Vernon McGee's Thru The Bible to help me in my Bible Study. I frequently write notes in my bible as well as use colorful pens and highlighters.

Read a Tirzah Article

Tirzah is a website that I found a long time ago. It is a community of Christian women that writes articles about all different topics to provide encouragement to other women. I read an article from their website every morning to get a biblical perspective on topics that we are faced with in the world today.


In the morning and at night, I take the time to read 10 pages out of whatever book I am reading at the time. Normally it is some kind of personal development book or at least something that peaks my interest. At the moment, in the mornings, I am reading The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You by Lydia Fenet and at night I am reading Choose to Win by Tom Ziglar.

Check Phone Notifications/Social Media

Another morning and night ritual of mine is to clear the notifications on my phone and check social media. I do this because sometimes throughout the day, my notifications can slip through the cracks and something important may not grab my attention. At night, I am able to add anything important to my schedule for the next day and in the morning I am able to check on anything that may have come through while I was asleep.

Clean Room

I have a horrible habit of just throwing everything in the floor and leaving it there until I can no longer walk around it. By cleaning my room (morning and night) this ensures that I come home to a made bed and I wake up to a clean floor.

Get Ready for the Day

Obviously this is on most people's morning to do list, but I put it down on my list for one simple reason. If I have the day off and I don't write "get ready" on my to do list I will sit in my pajamas all day long and not do a single productive thing. Like today for instance, if I had not made the conscious effort to write down "get ready" just so I could mark it off my list I probably would not have sat down to write this blog post. I would still be in bed at 2 pm in my pajamas.

Listen to Personal Development

This is so so important to me as of late. The impact that personal development has had on my life is visible in how I perform and view the simplest tasks. (Where do you think I learned about the simple act of crossing off "get ready"?) I have several different outlets that I use each morning that I get my personal development from because "if you're not growing your dying."

Work Out

My entire demeanor changes after I work out. I am sluggish and tired before I work out, but after I get done, I am ready to conquer anything the day throws me with energy and enthusiasm. It doesn't have to be some high intensity work out to be effective. Just going on a walk can prepare you for the day ahead.

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